Myanmar Distillery Co.,Ltd Name Change to Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd

Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd, a leader in the Myanmar whisky market announced that the company will begin operating under a new name will be officially known as “Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd”. “The renaming strategy is aimed at strengthening our Corporate identity and to ensure that our stakeholders are served better under one common name” said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd. “We also believe that the change will enable us to leverage on our commitments towards environmental sustainability and public service commitment.” The organization ownership, investments, shareholders and staff arrangements remain status quo.
Grand Royal has been in the market for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a responsible and creditable organization that cares for our consumers, employees and the people of our country Myanmar. We have been focusing on our customers since our founding and maintaining our strict standards by producing the best high-quality products for our consumers. Our products, Grand Royal Black, Grand Royal Special Reserve, Signature and Smooth are honoured by more than 70 international awards.
The name changes and new logo are part of our evolving strategy to strengthen our corporate identity and to ensure that there is closer linkage of our Corporate identity with a much loved and trusted brand – Grand Royal. The Grand Royal Whisky is ranked as the 41th largest whisky brand in the International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) real 100 in 2017 and listed as 38th among the top 100 fastest – growing spirits brands for the first half of 2019 in the IWSR drink market analysis. This change therefore will strengthen and reinforce the GRG Corporate Image and the strong Grand Royal Brand which is born in Myanmar, trusted and respected by the world.

This will also be reflected in our increased Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, which target both social and economic help to disadvantaged Myanmar people in the more remote regions of the country. The CSR initiatives that we have provided has helped thousands and we intend to make sure our programmes remain effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable over a long period of time to help the people of Myanmar.
Our mission will not change, and we aim to become one of the most admired consumer products companies in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a socially responsible and good governance company that constantly striving for long-term sustainability. Moreover, we will also work on our international sustainability goals in order to be a responsible business. Currently, we were just certified as “A Great Place to Work” by Great Place to Work Institute. We have just released the Whistleblowing Policy and Anti Sexual Harassment Policy which are designed for a safe and enjoyable working environment. Every year, our waste water treatment plant and 120 million recycle bottles are reused to reduce our environmental footprint and accelerate our CSR activities.

Myanmar Distillery Co.,Ltd Name Change to Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd Myanmar Version

GRG Team offers assistance to Flood Refugees in Mon State by giving out food and relief supplies

The Grand Royal Group (GRG) has been in the whisky business for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a reputable and credible organization that cares for our customers, workers and the people of Myanmar. We believe that our customers, staff and the people of our country are our life-blood and that they are our top priority as far as our business protocols are concerned. 

GRG has always maintained a high level of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) which we believe will contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. 

Under our “Clean Water Project”, digging of the wells and water treatments was our top priority. This was so that we could create clean water sources for more than 6,000 households and 40,000 populations in total. Additionally, with the eye-care project to cure eye vision diseases, we have given medical treatment for more than 80,000 populations. 

 We did so in the aftermath of Cyclone Nargis and again following the floods of 2015 and 2016 when we worked with our business partners to bring relief to 58 badly affected villages in Ayeyarwady Region. In addition, we have supported other disasters with donations and supplies areas according to our motto “Being A Good Corporate Citizen”. 

In early August 2019, the people from Mon State and Kayin State Region suffered from a natural disaster.  GRG has donated the food supplies for those victims who are badly affected. We donated rice, instant noodle, foods, drinks, rain coats, blankets, fiber boats and etc. on 16th and 17th August 2019 at the rescue’s stations of Mon State and Kayin State. 

 “We believe that all these communities were faced with natural disaster that has caused loss of life, houses and their belongings. We would first like to express our sincere and heartfelt condolences to all the families and loved once involved in this very serious and unfortunate disaster. We believe that We have a responsibility to improve the lives of those around us especially in situations like this. We will help our people with our warm heart when they need our help” said Mr. Yin Htan, PR Executive of Grand Royal Group.  

 “The Heart of GRG campaign is one of our CSR campaigns in 2019. This is not the first time of flood donation because we did in the flood relief of 2015 and 2016 with Help Myanmar Campaign. In the Help Myanmar campaign, we went to the flooded villages by boat and donated directly to their homes. In those days, we were faced with dangerous situations and it was very difficult to reached there. Being a good corporate citizen is not only contributing with CSR programs but also contributing in Tax, law and regulations. We are the top 5 biggest tax payer in Myanmar which honored by President U Win Myint.” Said U Tint Wai, CSR Manager of Grand Royal Group.

 “It came just when we needed it most! We only aware of GRG is a whisky company who is manufacturing the Grand Royal Whisky. It was wonderful that they have a lot of programs to support their society. On my family’s behalf and mine, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks. It is greatly appreciated!” said Daw Khin Htwe who is a victim of Mon state.

Grand Royal Group Celebrate for Additional Success of 2019 CSR Project

As an conviction of Grand Royal Group, “Being A Good Corporate Citizen” is always a priority for sustainable development of our business. For social life and environmental benefit for our beneficiaries, we have been implementing the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program. It is reserved from 1.5 Billion to 2 Billion as the annual budget to carry out the activities for CSR program of Grand Royal Group. In summary, under our “Clean Water Project”, digging up the wells and treating water are referred to the value of every clean water drop, we could create the clean water source for more than 6,000 households and 40,000 populations in total. Moreover, with the project to cure eye vision disease, we have given medical treatment for more than 80,000 populations. We have received, in 2018, the CSR of the year awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce three year consistently.
In addition, Grand Royal Group is always following one of the important reliabilities of corporate governance, paying taxation. For 2018-2019 fiscal year, we have paid more than 100 Billion MMK standing as the top tax payer list in Myanmar since many decades. Moreover, we have been awarded as a top 5 tax payer by the President.

“Clean Water Project” of Grand Royal Group has been successfully implemented since 2016 in Yangon and Mandalay as the prioritized regions in Kawhmu, Thasi, Meikhtila and Kyaukpadaung Districts. For now, our “Clean Water Project” which has been implemented in 2018-2019 fiscal year gained the positive outcomes for the local population. That project has been commenced since December 2018 implementing in Shankwin, Phayachaung, Palaung and Ahkwei villages in Pathein, Pantanaw and Maubin Townships of Ayeyarwaddy where the inhabitants have been experiencing water crisis. Currently, this project has brought for 1,380 households and 6,199 populations accessing drinking water. Moreover, as the next step of “Clean Water Project” for the year 2019, we are now carrying out the survey to implement in Bago Region with water crisis.

“We have spent 40 million for this project to build 4 water purification buildings, 4 water cleaning machines and 4 water collecting pools. The project already got positive outcomes since March 2019 but the celebration ceremony has been held just in June 2019. The Clean Water Project is implementing for the right places choosing the suitable villages after the survey which collaborating with the government representatives”, said the CSR Manager U Tint Wai.


Our institution “Grand Royal Group” is caring for the development of people living standards and always helping best. As for the activities of our CSR work plans, we have been working for eye care, clean water supply, building schools, and supporting the football team for countrywide sport, in addition with the further supports and donations in disaster areas according to our motto “Being A Good Corporate Citizen”, said the Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group, U Aung Moe Kyaw.


“In our village, we had experienced many crises to access drinking water for a long time. During rainy seasons, we had to store raining water. For other times, we had to rely on creek water and hand scooped waterholes. But now, we the whole villagers can get access to clean and healthy water”, said U Ohn Thein, a local person from Ahkwei Village.

Grand Royal Group is Proud to Announce it’s 10th Million Cases

Grand Royal Group always aims to be the most admired consumer products company in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a responsibility managed company that constantly strives for long-term sustainability. Grand Royal Group is proud to announce the sales of our 10th million cases for 2019. We have always produced our products with the approval of Food and Drug Association (FDA) and adhere to International Standard guidelines. Grand Royal Group is not only a leader in our industry, but also takes a responsible approach to business. In addition, Grand Royal Special Reserve Whisky just won the “Best Myanmarese Blended Whisky 2019” which is conferred by the “World Whiskies Awards 2019”. This award is judged by a panel of International Experts and professionals and noted that our Special Whisky is “very nicely done”. We  are constantly updating our ISO standards to be on par with the International standards expected of a “first-class” manufacturer. In addition we have also invested continually in waste water treatment for the environment. The Grand Royal factory water treatment plant has recently been upgraded with a US$ 4.3 million dollar investment.


Grand Royal Group has been in the market for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a reputable and credible organisation that always complies with the governmental guidelines, rules, regulations in the area of tax assessment. We have also been honoured with various international awards in Human Resource Management where we care for our staff, customers and most importantly the people of our country, Myanmar.

“We take our Corporate Governance Responsibilities seriously and will strive to set the highest standards in the industry.” said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of Grand Royal Group.

He added, “We are the first distillery to certified under the Environment Management Certification ISO 14001:2004. We strive to foremost meet the needs of consumers and thank them for their potorang that has enable us to cross this milestone of 10th million cases.”

U Aung Moe Kyaw, Co-Chairman of GRG said “This is one of our targeted missions since 2009. As we are in a position of being a market leader, we always advocate the best quality products with innovative ideas. Our Grand Royal brand has won many International Gold Medal Awards, including “Asia’s Best Blended Whisky at the World Whiskies Awards in 2014. Moreover, Grand Royal Whisky has been listed as the top 41 largest spirit brand in the International Wine & Spirit Research (IWSR) – Real 100 in 2017. As our national brand, we are very proud to be part of the heritage of Myanmar which is recognized by International bodies.”


GRG has always maintained a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which we believe will contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. We have invested in the Clean Water Project that helps people in rural areas to get clean water during a crisis or disaster situation and to educate various townships and villagers on “How to treat water in a disaster situation”. To date, we have covered around 30,000 people and 5,000 households for our Clean water project. In addition, we have also treated more than 80,000 people for various eye problems under our Eye treatment project. We have been honoured with the 2018 CSR Excellence Recognition Certificates for 3 consecutive years by the American Chambers Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar).

The Grand Royal Group will always work towards the betterment of our country and her people.

Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd Launches the First International Scotch Whisky bottled in Myanmar (28th Nov 2018)

The Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd (MDC) is launching for the first time in Myanmar, a special blended Scotch Whisky that will be bottled in the country. MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky will be the first in a new range of products to be introduced into the Myanmar market for its consumers. MDC has made sure that this new investment is brought in with taxes fully paid, with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce and with the permission of the Myanmar Investment Commission.


MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky is specially blended by Master Blender Mr. Stuart Harvey from Scotland for the global market. This new product is blended based on the currently accepted International Standards and bottled it in Myanmar. Macarthur’s Scotch Whisky is a brand owned by Inver House which is a Scotland base distiller and owner of the International Scotch Whisky brands like Hankey Bannister, Old Pulteney & Speyburn. Inver House distributes and sell MacArthur’s Blended Scotch Whisky in many countries around the world. MacArthur’s Brand was founded in 1877 and with 141 years of history.

“At MDC, we are always proud of our innovations and creative market approaches. We are fully aware of the problems that exist with imported products in the market. We believe that there should be a level playing field for all and that all dues and taxes should be paid to the proper authorities. As such, we have worked with the relevant government bodies to ensure that our imported Scotch Whisky is fully paid for in the tax and duties owed to the government of Myanmar. All local and foreign investors should follow the rules and regulations of our country when they invest or do business in Myanmar. In addition, we imported these Scotch Whisky and their special Casks into Myanmar to ensure that our consumers will be given the choice of premium Scotch Whisky bottled in Myanmar.” Said U Aung Moe Kyaw, the Co-Chairman of MDC.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of MDC said “We have always pioneered new product concepts in Myanmar, keeping changing consumer behavior and aspirations in mind. MacArthur’s is yet another first from MDC – created to deliver on the rising aspiration of the young, urban, progressive drinking an authentic Scotch Whisky. The Blended Scotch Whisky is distilled, matured and blended in the Inver House facility in Scotland. And then we imported it into Myanmar and bottled the Whisky at the MDC’s Factory. We are proud to say that this is a fully paid tax product. We have to protect our consumers from the rising counterfeit and duplicate products available in the market.”  

Mr. Stuart Harvey, Master Blender of MacArthur’s/ Inver House said, “We carefully selected Regional Malts and superior Gain Whiskies to be expertly blended. I aim to create a robust and full-flavored Scotch which is becoming the firm favorite of Whisky drinkers around the world. I hope that it will be truly appreciated by those connoisseurs who enjoy a medium-boiled approachable whisky. It is a softly aromatic blend with a smooth mellow palate and a fresh lingering taste and the color is rich, clear & golden.”


Ms. Varsha Perera, Head of Premium Brands at MDC said, “We designed the bottle with a high shouldered bottle stands distinguished and regal with detailed crest embossing on shoulder adding to the presence of this stylish bottle. And our label design is refreshed logo to provide greater stand out on shelf, along with focus on the shield highlighting the heraldry of the clan MacArthur. The new label shape reinforces the MacArthur coat of arms and provides a high recognizable piece of iconography. Red and gold foils and emboss brighten the pack on shelf and reassures the consumer of the quality of the liquid. Consumers in Myanmar who have the fine taste will finally get a genuine Scotch Product.”

U Win Naing, a consumer of the MacArthur’s said “The taste is good and I have no headache in the morning. The price is 9,900 Myanmar Kyat which is very affordable. I am glad that we can now get to taste the legally imported foreign whisky brand in our country. I am glad that MDC is bringing in these and hopefully other products to bring the international experience to us in Myanmar.”

IBTC Co., Ltd was displayed in the list of top 50 Business Entities who paid the most Commercial Tax & Income Tax for 2016-2017 Assessment Year which announced by Internal Revenue Department.

On January 22nd, the Internal Revenue Department of Ministry of Planning and Finance announced a list of the top “50 businesses entities who paid the most Commercial Tax for the 2016-2017 Assessment Year”. International Beverage Trading Co.Ltd, Member Company of Grand Royal Group, was listed as No.6 in the list, as it had paid Commercial Tax under 20,000 Million MM Kyats.

Also, another category, top “50 entities who paid Under 2,000 Million MM Kyats in Income Tax for 2016-2017 Assessment Year”, placed International Beverage Trading Co.Ltd at No.30 in this category.

Myanmar Distillery Co.Ltd, another Member Company of Grand Royal Group, has already paid 57 Billion MM Kyats of Special Goods Taxes for 2017-2018 Fiscal year. Grand Royal Group is very proud to be recognized by the State and to be doing as per the Grand Royal Group motto to “Be A Good Corporate Citizen”.


Grand Royal’s CSR “Clean Water Project” has been going on for 2 years from 2016

Grand Royal’s CSR “Clean Water Project” has been going on for 2 years from 2016 – until now. Since it began, the project has focused on activities such as excavating the wells and tanks, and connecting the pipes for water access which were done with the title of “The value of pure water pump”. It was among their successful clean water projects for 2017, and they held a closing ceremony at Yay-Ngan village, Mone-Tine village group, Meikhteelar township, Meikhteelar District on January 6th, 2018 to celebrate the year-end project.
The scope of success for this project at that village resulted in the construction of a well and 6 public water excavated tanks, which now provide 5000 people and about 500 households with access to water. Our Grand Royal Group feels quite proud of succeeding in supporting projects like this and donating to villages which face these hardships of accessing water because of difficult transportation and communications conditions.
In the future, we will continue and promise our participation in sustainable volunteering works so we can be responsible as per our motto, “Be A Good Corporate Citizen”.
#GrandRoyalGroup #BeAGoodCorporateCitizen

The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) honored Myanmar Distillery Company Limited

We’re proud to share with you that on November 22nd, The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) honored Myanmar Distillery Company Limited, the member of Grand Royal Group, among the Top Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs in 2017.

We, Grand Royal Group was achieved this AMCHAM CSR Excellence recognized in 2016 as well and their award is recognized among 18 companies for their sustainable and meritorious CSR programs in Myanmar. This is truly an honor for our team and we hope to continue to work hard to create a brighter future for the country as our corporate motto “Be A Good Corporate Citizen”.

Grand Royal Group is proud to be awarded the best employer of the year 2017 by World HRD Congress

Grand Royal Group received the two following awards: “Best Employer of the Year 2017” and “Dream Employer of the Year-Asia Edition” given by World HRD Congress, The Employer Branding Institute, Asian Confederation of Business and Malaysia Institute of Human Resources. For the first time, these were awarded to a Myanmar-owned company. Furthermore, Grand Royal Group ranked No. 43 in the Top 100 International Alcohol Beverage Brands on the annual IWSR list (International Wine & Spirit Research). Thus, a press conference to announce the achievement of these awards was held on the 7th September at 10:30 am at the Pathein Ballroom of the Novotel Hotel.

During the press conference, Grand Royal Group Chairman, U Aung Moe Kyaw gave a welcoming speech and explained the awards received this year. Then, U Zaw Myo Win, National Sales Manager, who has 20-year experience at Grand Royal Group shared his career experience of at the company throughout his work life. He started as a salesman at the IBTC Group, established in 1997. He is also a selection of MBA Scholarship Program by Grand Royal Group and was part of the International Training and Overseas scholarship Program. U Zaw Myo Win also talked about how Grand Royal Group contributes in the education of its employees’ as well as their safety and comfort at work. Later, Group Chairman – U Aung Moe Kyaw, Chief People Office – Mr. Vivek Bhargava, Marketing Manager – Mr. Cavan, National Sales Manager – U Zaw Myo Win and Plant Manager – U Soe Moe answered media questions before ending the conference at 12:30 pm.

Grand Royal Group stands proud as a responsible corporation in the Myanmar Alcohol Beverage Industry. According to its motto of “Be A Good Corporate Citizenship”, Grand Royal Group never avoids paying taxes to government entities. Every year, it makes it to the list of 1 to 10 of the responsible corporation declared by the state government. Furthermore, Grand Royal Group is not only doing continuously CSR Programs strategically for raising the standard of people’s lifestyle in Myanmar but also programs to improve the welfare of its employees. Some of these programs include the “Eye Treatment Donation” carried out from 2008 to 2017 and from 2016 till now, the “Clean Water Project” implemented to get access to water for villages across the country.

Eye Treatment Project – 2017

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Laputta Township, Grand Royal Group carried out its free eye treatment program at the township’s Ayarwaddy Division from May 8th-12th. The program was operated by the Union Ministry of Planning and Finance administration, in co-operation with the Union Ministry of Health and supervised by the Ayarwaddy Division.
The program treated 5464 patients that need eye treatments and eye surgeries.
Laputta Township Organization, the Red Cross, local authorities and other social welfare organizations all joined the eye treatment program. Grand Royal Group also donated the cost of transportation, room and board, medications, glasses and any surgical products needed by patients that came to receive treatments. The program has already eyes wears and medical treated about 4164 patients and major and minors operation patients were 311 people.
On 12th May of 2017, U Kyaw Win, The Union Minister of Planning and Finance and other authorities visited the Grand Royal Group Eye Treatment Donation Program at Laputta Township which celebrated from May 8th to May 12th 2017. The Minister gave a speech to support the program and encourage patients that came to get treatment. He also met with local businessmen and Laputta District authorities to discuss the development of the township.
At the meeting, U Aung Moe Kyaw, Chairman of Grand Royal Group gave a thankful speech and shared Grand Royal Group’s commitment and the motto they follow “Be A Good Corporate Citizen” and contribute to support to society.