Responsible Drinking

From the Finest Ingredients

In everything we do, our objective is to be a good corporate citizen. Grand Royal Group International’s reputation rests upon producing high quality products which its customers enjoy. Like any company, we wish to grow. But in doing so, we also have an obligation to ensure that our customers buy and consume our products with proper awareness of the difference between responsible drinking and levels of consumption that present risks to themselves and those around them.

In addition, we are developing a code of best practice to govern how we, and our competitors in the industry, operate and inform our customers. The remit of the code will establish common, industry-wide guidelines on health warnings. We will also support the creation of an industry-wide advisory council (which will include representation from experts unaffiliated to the drinks industry) that will inform us, regulatory authorities, and the wider public on alcoholic drink related issues. The council’s remit will include the ability to undertake research and to promote responsible drinking as well as providing guidance on where those who have a drink problem can seek guidance and support.

Grand Royal Group International undertakes to support the work of the advisory council and to actively promote its recommendations through publically accessible media.

Enjoy Responsibly