Environmental Initiatives

Working to Imporve the Environment

Our waste water treatment process passes through three methods.



The physical treatment process removes waste liquid to a settling pond and then to an equalization pond.



Solid waste is removed to a biological process with treatment in first anaerobic



Then aerobic treatment before proceeding to the stabilization process (the polishing process). Large particles are sold to local fish farms and for animal feed.


Delicately Balanced

Throughout this process, we employ step-by-step controlling and measuring with daily laboratory analysis of results that determine the feed rate and, where necessary, adjustment of the process flow.

Carefully Monitored

The whole process is subject to both internal and external monitoring to ensure not just compliance with Myanmar law, but also to the satisfaction of local residents, who are part of our monitoring committees. By this process, we reduce the Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) from 60,000 milligrams per litre (mg/l) to a mere 200 mg/l.

Generating Energy

We are experimenting with generating energy for our production plants through waste-water biogas and are working on our long-term objective of achieving an energy efficiency improvement of 30 per cent.


We are big users of recycled bottles and regularly repurchase from local recycled bottle suppliers, thereby reducing waste and the need to import new bottles.