Grand Royal Group Fire incident in Yangon

January 16, 2023

Grand Royal Group International Co. Ltd (GRG), which is a 75% majority owned subsidiary of Thai Beverage Public Company Limited, suffered fire outbreak at its main Hmawbi factory premises in Yangon, Myanmar on Friday 13th January. The fire was successfully put out in the early hours of Saturday 14th January, with the courageous effort of firefighters, volunteers, and company staff. 19 firefighters and volunteers were injured in the process and subsequently treated in hospital. 17 have since been discharged and the remaining 2 are out of danger.”

Fire outbreak started at the alcohol storage area and the inventory of rectified spirit (96% alcohol) and the tanks which are used to blend the alcohol were damaged without spreading to the main distillery, bottling plant and aged whisky cask storage.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation and assessment, and based on evidence so far, is believed to be an accident. The company is fully cooperating with local authorities following the incident and is in discussion with its insurance agents for suitable coverage of the losses.
“We are grateful to all those who provided assistance and support while fighting the fire. The management of GRG is already taking immediate steps to resume its blending and bottling operations in Hmawbi by February 2023. Our operations in the Mandalay facility remain unaffected. We do not anticipate any shortage of Grand Royal products in Myanmar, as the company and its distributors and trade partners hold sufficient inventory” said Rahul Colaco, CEO of GRG.