Myanmar Distillery Co.,Ltd Name Change to Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd

November 14, 2019

Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd, a leader in the Myanmar whisky market announced that the company will begin operating under a new name will be officially known as “Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd”. “The renaming strategy is aimed at strengthening our Corporate identity and to ensure that our stakeholders are served better under one common name” said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd. “We also believe that the change will enable us to leverage on our commitments towards environmental sustainability and public service commitment.” The organization ownership, investments, shareholders and staff arrangements remain status quo.
Grand Royal has been in the market for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a responsible and creditable organization that cares for our consumers, employees and the people of our country Myanmar. We have been focusing on our customers since our founding and maintaining our strict standards by producing the best high-quality products for our consumers. Our products, Grand Royal Black, Grand Royal Special Reserve, Signature and Smooth are honoured by more than 70 international awards.
The name changes and new logo are part of our evolving strategy to strengthen our corporate identity and to ensure that there is closer linkage of our Corporate identity with a much loved and trusted brand – Grand Royal. The Grand Royal Whisky is ranked as the 41th largest whisky brand in the International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) real 100 in 2017 and listed as 38th among the top 100 fastest – growing spirits brands for the first half of 2019 in the IWSR drink market analysis. This change therefore will strengthen and reinforce the GRG Corporate Image and the strong Grand Royal Brand which is born in Myanmar, trusted and respected by the world.

This will also be reflected in our increased Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, which target both social and economic help to disadvantaged Myanmar people in the more remote regions of the country. The CSR initiatives that we have provided has helped thousands and we intend to make sure our programmes remain effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable over a long period of time to help the people of Myanmar.
Our mission will not change, and we aim to become one of the most admired consumer products companies in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a socially responsible and good governance company that constantly striving for long-term sustainability. Moreover, we will also work on our international sustainability goals in order to be a responsible business. Currently, we were just certified as “A Great Place to Work” by Great Place to Work Institute. We have just released the Whistleblowing Policy and Anti Sexual Harassment Policy which are designed for a safe and enjoyable working environment. Every year, our waste water treatment plant and 120 million recycle bottles are reused to reduce our environmental footprint and accelerate our CSR activities.

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