The 26th Anniversary Donations of Grand Royal Group International on 1st April 2022

April 8, 2022

As part of our continuous community engagement programme, Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) has made donations on basic food stuff to the residents and villagers around our factories in Yangon and Mandalay in Myanmar.

The COVID-19 situation and the current world economic crisis has affected millions of our countrymen and their livelihoods. GRGI is fully aware of this social impact on the lives of people, and we are making efforts to try to help as many people as possible. We believe that charity begins at home and with that, we want to help our closest communities first.

We donated food boxes consisting of 13 items of basic food stuff and 2 packs of 25 kg rice which altogether is worth in total of 100,000 MMK per household with 932 for Yangon and 126 for the Mandalay areas. These donations come from over 380 million Kyats raised by employees, which is toped up with company’s budget. In addition, we have donated over 1 million kyats each to monasteries, nunnery, and church in our immediate vicinity. (Yangon- 1 monastery, 1 church, Madalay-6 monasteries and 1 nunnery).

On April 1st, 2022, GRGI staff delivered the donations to the residents and villagers. We hope that our efforts will help some people to tide over these trying times.

“GRGI is in continuous support for the communities as per our motto, “Being corporate citizenship” throughout 26 years of our business. We have regular CSR activities for the stakeholders who live in the vicinity of distilleries mainly in religious, education, healthcare matters and other social sectors by weekly and monthly basis both in Yangon and Mandalay. Today we are here to donate the necessity foodstuff to communities, cash to monastery and church and new garages for two ambulances and revamping of the drinking water pond in Thal Kon village tract in commemoration of our company’s 26th anniversary and on behalf of GRGI I would like to say please enjoy the carefully selected foodstuff with your family and we will keep listening to the voices of the communities living surrounding the areas so that we could support the communities as much as we can now and in the future. I wish you all happy Thingyan and Myanmar New Year.” stated Mr. Rahul Colaco, CEO of GRGI.

GRGI values the communities and the people of Myanmar, and we recognise the importance of living and working as one big family for the benefit of all.