Best Company to Work in Myanmar 2020

Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd is proud to announce that the company has been awarded as one of the winners of “Best Companies to Work in Myanmar 2020, BCIM” powered by Job Net Myanmar Co.,Ltd. BCIM is a 100% online program of Employee Engagement Survey within 3 months window and it aims to gain a better insight of employee satisfaction level and provide measures to benchmark companies against the rest of the market in Myanmar. GRGI has participated for the first time in this BCIM 2020 program in order to witness the strengthening of the company branding as both an employer and a business mutually. This is one of the milestone accomplishments of GRGI in this COVID-19 pandemic situation, taking challenges in 2020.

Job Net Myanmar Co.,Ltd က ကြီးမှူးခဲ့သည့် ၂၀၂၀ ပြည့်နှစ်အတွက် “မြန်မာနိုင်ငံတွင် အလုပ်လုပ်ကိုင်ရန် အကောင်းဆုံးကုမ္ပဏီများ (Best Companies to Work in Myanmar 2020, BCIM) ဆု” ပေးအပ်ချီးမြှင့်ရာတွင် Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd သည်လည်း ဆုရကုမ္ပဏီတစ်ခုအနေဖြင့် အသိအမှတ်ပြုခြင်းခံခဲ့ရပြီးဖြစ်ကြောင်းကို ဂုဏ်ယူဝင့်ကြွားစွာဖြင့် ဖော်ပြလိုက်ပါသည်။ BCIM သည် (၁၀၀) ရာခိုင်နှုန်း အွန်လိုင်းစစ်တမ်းကောက်ယူမှုနည်းစနစ်ဖြင့် ကုမ္ပဏီအတွင်းရှိ ဝန်ထမ်းများကို (၃) လတာ စစ်တမ်းကောက်ယူခဲ့ခြင်းဖြစ်ပြီး၊ ၄င်း၏ ရည်ရွယ်ချက်မှာ လုပ်ငန်းခွင်အတွင်း ဝန်ထမ်းများ စိတ်ကျေနပ်မှုရရှိခြင်းအဆင့်နှင့် မြန်မာနိုင်ငံစျေးကွက်အတွင်းရှိ ကုမ္ပဏီများ၏ အမှတ်တံဆိပ်အားကောင်းမှုကို တိုင်းတာစိစစ်ပေးနိုင်ရန်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။ GRGI အနေဖြင့် လုပ်ငန်းရှင်နှင့် စီးပွားရေးလုပ်ငန်း ကဏ္ဍနှစ်ရပ်လုံးတွင် အပြန်အလှန် အားကောင်းမှုရှိသော ကုမ္ပဏီအမှတ်တံဆိပ်တစ်ခု ဖြစ်ကြောင်းကို သက်သေပြနိုင်ရန် ရည်ရွယ်ကာ ပထမဆုံးအကြိမ်ပါဝင်ခဲ့ခြင်းဖြစ်ပါသည်။ COVID-19 ကူးစက်ရောဂါအန္တရာယ် အခြေအနေ ဆိုးများဖြင့် ရင်ဆိုင်ကြုံတွေ့နေရသည့် ကာလအတွင်း ယခုကဲ့သို့ အသိအမှတ်ပြုခံရခြင်းမှာ GRGI ကုမ္ပဏီ၏ သမိုင်းမှတ်တိုင်တစ်ခုပင်ဖြစ်ပါသည်။

Mid-Season Championship Hantharwaddy United F.C.

Grand Royal Group International’s own football club, Hantharwady United F.C. played against Yangon United F.C. in MPT Myanmar National League 2020, week 11 match held at Thuwanna Stadium on 26 Aug 2020. In that match, Hantharwaddy United F.C. defeated the opposing team (3-1) and ranked as place No 1 with 24 points in total. GRGI is proud to congratulate Hantharwaddy United F.C. to be a mid-season champion for the very first time in the history of the club.

၂၀၂၀ ပြည့်နှစ်၊ သြဂုတ်လ (၂၆) ရက်နေ့၊ သုဝဏ္ဏအားကစားကွင်း၌ ကျင်းပခဲ့သည့် MPT Myanmar National League ပြိုင်ပွဲ၊ ပွဲစဉ် (၁၁) တွင် GRGI ၏ ကိုယ်ပိုင်ဘောလုံးအသင်းဖြစ်သော ဟံသာဝတီယူနိုက်တက်အသင်း သည် ရန်ကုန်ယူနိုက်တက်အသင်းနှင့် အကြိတ်အနယ်ယှဉ်ပြိုင်ကစားခဲ့ ကြပါသည်။ ထိုပွဲစဉ်တွင် ဟံသာဝတီယူနိုက်တက် အသင်း က ပြိုင်ဖက်အသင်း အား (၃) ဂိုး၊ (၁) ဂိုးဖြင့် အနိုင်ရယူနိုင်ခဲ့ပြီး၊ MNL ပွဲစဉ် (၁၁) အပြီးတွင် ရမှတ်ပေါင်း (၂၄) ဖြင့် အဆင့်နံပါတ် (၁) နေရာတွင် ရပ်တည်နိုင်ခဲ့ပြီဖြစ်ပါသည်။ ဟံသာဝတီအသင်း၏ သမိုင်းသက်တမ်းတစ်လျှောက်တွင် ပထမဆုံးအကြိမ် ရာသီဝက် ချန်ပီယံအဖြစ်ရပ်တည်နိုင်ခဲ့ခြင်းအပေါ် Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd က အထူးဂုဏ်ယူမိပါကြောင်း ဖော်ပြအပ်ပါသည်။

Tax Appreciation for 2018-2019 Assessment Year

The Government of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar honoured the top taxpayers of the country for 2018-2019 tax year on 10 Aug 2020. The president, His Excellency U Win Myint attended the ceremony held at the Presidential Palace in Naypyidaw and presented awards to the outstanding taxpayers for income tax, commercial tax, and specific goods tax.
U Aung Moe Kyaw (Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd) and Daw Mya Pwint Phyu (Alternate Director of Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd) accepted honorable certificates at the ceremony.
Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd was honored by the president as follow;
1. No 3 in Specific Goods Taxpayer
2. No 6 in Commercial Taxpayer
As International Beverages Trading Co., Ltd (IBTC), the member of GRGI;
3. No 3 in Commercial Taxpayer
4. No 5 in Income Taxpayer.
Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd is very proud to be recognized every Assessment Year as No 1 to 5 the highest top taxpayer in Myanmar and as a responsible group of companies in line with our corporate motto ‘Being A Good Corporate Citizen’.

(၂၀၁၈ – ၂၀၁၉) စည်းကြပ်နှစ်အတွက် နိုင်ငံတော်သို့ အခွန်ဘဏ္ဍာငွေကျပ် (၁၁၁.၄) ဘီလီယံ ပေးဆောင်ခဲ့သော Grand Royal Group International ကုမ္ပဏီစုအား နိုင်ငံတော်သမ္မတကြီးက ဂုဏ်ပြုမှတ်တမ်းလွှာများဖြင့် ဂုဏ်ပြုချီးမြှင့် (သြဂုတ်လ၊ ၁၀ ရက် ၂၀၂၀ ခုနှစ်)

Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd welcomes fair competition through the Foreign Liquor Import policy

Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) is Myanmar’s leading alcohol beverage company with many iconic whisky brands. GRGI is celebrating its 25 years anniversary this year. With the announcement on 25th May 2020 on the relaxation of the ban on alcohol imports, we would like to state that we fully support the government’s decision.

Regarding the recent opening of the Myanmar market to foreign alcohol imports, the co-chairman of GRGI, U Aung Moe Kyaw said, “As a company that will be affected by this new ruling, we support policies and procedures designed to enhance choice and innovation through competition for the benefit of the country and its people. We believe this can be best achieved through policies of fair trade based upon compliance on health and safety standards and measures designed to create taxation and duties levied on an equitable basis. The terms, procedures and standards for product regulation, taxation, labelling and traceability should be consistent with common ASEAN and international guidelines and principles. We at GRGI welcome the competition and we will ensure to elevate our innovation and customer satisfaction for our wholesale and retail partners as well. We just hope that there will be a level playing field for all.”

“GRGI has consistently been one of the top taxpayers in Myanmar. In fact, we have received the President’s Tax Awards for the last 5 years. We take our tax obligations seriously and recognize the important contribution to government income. As a responsible corporate citizen, we support a tax structure for alcohol products that is fair, and which is simple yet effective and inclusive.” Stated U Aung Moe Kyaw.

Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of Grand Royal Group International said, “The Group has been in the industry for close to 25 years and we have weathered many storms internally as well as externally. This experience in the market has helped us become stronger and enabled us to grow. It is our goal to provide the best service and products possible and to ensure that our consumers are top priority all the time. The eco-system that we operate in is not an isolated one and whatever we do has an impact on various segments of society one way or another. We are all inter-linked in life and GRGI’s concept is to do good as much as possible to help our society.”
Competition is an opportunity for GRGI to further develop our brands. We intend to continue to invest a great deal in product development, research, quality control and responsible operations while consistently looking after our staff, partners, customers and the local environment. Such investments are significant and necessarily long-term. We have been focusing on our customers since our founding and maintaining our strict standards by producing the best high-quality products for our consumers. Our products, Grand Royal Black, Grand Royal Special Reserve, Signature and Smooth are recognized and honored by the awarding of more than 70 international prestigious industry awards.”
The group is contributing annually over 140 Billion MMK in license fees, duties and taxes, our products use Myanmar-sourced ingredients to create products which are the authentic taste of the nation. For instance, we purchase hundreds of thousands of tons of broken rice yearly from Myanmar farmers, bringing billions of Kyats into the farming community. “The new policy together with the tax regime for alcohol products must be fair but strongly enforced. Fairness ensures an appropriate contribution to government revenue and protecting the local communities that work directly and indirectly with us, thus benefiting from the local manufacturing we provide.” stated Mr. Sanjay Gupta.

Grand Royal Group International is actively engaging with its partners, government and international players to ensure a trading environment that promotes competitive and fair trading with the aim of ensuring a level-playing field for not only Myanmar, but the region. We take pride in being a responsible and creditable organization that cares for our consumers, employees and the people of our country, Myanmar.
Grand Royal Group International was founded in 1995 with fifty employees and quickly established a reputation for providing consumers with exceptional products and service. Throughout the subsequent twenty-five years, the group has striven to create and maintain quality products and brands, to demonstrate a responsible approach to business and to ensure that it remains one of the most respectable companies in Myanmar. GRGI is now the market leader, creating over 2,500 jobs directly and making a major contributor to Myanmar’s economy.
The group takes CSR programs seriously and has long been investing in key charitable initiatives. The long running campaign on providing free eye treatment helped over 74,000 patients who could not afford sight-saving treatment. And the group continues working hard to bring clean water to villages and poor districts through the provision of wells, supporting facilities and education and has brought accessing drinking water for over 12,379 Household and over 73,334 residents in 131 villages across Mon state, Yangon, Mandalay, Ayeyarwady, Bago and Magway regions. And the group has come forward to support the community as and when there were national level crisis occurred e.g. supported with several relief efforts in Cyclone Nargis and most recently supported with hand sanitizer donations to the community together with the national level committee of prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19 and the Ministry of Health and Sport.

Grand Royal Group International ကုမ္ပဏီလီမိတက်သည် တရားမျှတသော ယှဥ်ပြိုင်မှုမှတဆင့် နိုင်ငံခြားအရက်များတင်သွင်းခြင်းမူဝါဒ အားကြိုဆို

Grand Royal Group International donates 500 Million MMK worth of Hand Sanitizer units

In these troubling times, the Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) and its shareholders, under the stewardship of its Co-Chairman U Aung Moe Kyaw has stepped forward to donate 500 million MMK worth of hand sanitizer units to various institutions in Myanmar that urgently need the use of these disinfecting liquids.

“We need to stand together as a nation to combat this virus that is ravaging our land and the world. Myanmar needs to show the world that we are confident in defeating this COVID-19 situation so that we can move forward again as a Nation. As a show of support towards the people of Myanmar, we are donating over 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to various organisations that need them urgently to help stop the spread of COVID-19.” Said, U Aung Moe Kyaw, Co-Chairman of GRGI.

“We mobilised with full capabilities within weeks of hearing of the outbreak to produce 200,000 hand sanitizers and to get them out to the various institutions as soon as possible. Our distribution outlets and partners helped us to spread out the load and get them as soon as possible into the hands of the people in need, quickly and efficiently”, said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of GRGI.

The hand sanitizer formula was approved by the FDA and the Ministry of Health sport, and once we received the “green-light”, production steamrolled forward, and we managed to get the first batch out within 2-3 weeks. Through this initiative, GRGI shows our solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

The list of the institutions that received the hand sanitizer units are listed in the attachments. The hand sanitizers are packed in 500ml bottles with 19 bottles in one carton box. The name that we have bottled it under is called “Naing Ngan Thar Gaung” meaning good corporate citizen.

In accordance with our group’s commitment of being a good corporate citizen, with our capabilities, we will always be there whenever the country and our citizens need the support.”, said Co-Chairman U Aung Moe Kyaw.

The Message from Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd

Dear Customers, staff of GRGI (Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd) and the people of Myanmar

The Coronavirus (the virus that causes Covid-19 disease) is a fast spreading virus that has the ability to expand rapidly within communities. If we follow the directives and announcements of our leaders and Ministry of Health and Sports calmly without any nervousness, we could prevent the spread of this virus.

We think it is important that we share with you some of the steps we have taken to ensure that our customers and employees stay safe while preparing ourselves to serve our customers to the maximum extent possible during the disruptions that this virus may bring about.

The Covid-19 situation is still evolving and we are living in uncertain times. However, be rest assured that we at GRG will make decisions and act quickly as we gain new facts about the situation. We are following the Ministry of Health guidelines, directives and advice. Most importantly we are also protecting the safety of our team, staff, delivery partners, suppliers and our community at large.

We will meet these challenges by uniting the strength of our people with the strength of the nation, we would like to reassure you of a few things:
1) We have enacted tough and firm safety protocols throughout our workspace and factories.
2) All our staff, supplies and suppliers are checked before coming to our production lines and we have implemented strict protocols to protect the workspace.
3) Levels of hygiene are at its highest and we will not rest till everything is cleaned.
4) All our staff are checked every day for any signs of illness and precautions are put in place should anyone contract the virus.

5) We make sure that our products are not affected by the virus and are safe to handle and consume.
6) We will keep on our fullest alert 24/7 just for you.

We want to inspire you to move on with life and to make sure that you do everything to keep safe and to enjoy our products with confidence. To encourage members of the general public to remain safe, we have initiated programs to distribute free of cost hand sanitisers to key public bodies which are in the front line of this battle against the virus. We are gearing up to distribute nearly 200,000 bottles of sanitisers to protect the people of Myanmar.

We, Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd and the shareholders, will continue to keep doing our best for you, the people of Myanmar by following the directives and announcements of our leaders and the Ministry of Health and Sports. Whether you are social distancing, in self-isolation or just trying to act responsibly, please remember to continue being your best self, stay connected, stay safe and act with kindness all the time.

Thank you in believing in us.
Co-Chairman GRGI

Grand Royal Group announces the completion of another successful Clean-water project in the Bago Region of Myanmar

As a pillar of Grand Royal Group’s corporate social responsibility, “Being A Good Corporate Citizen” is always a priority in our business environment. We have implemented our CSR activities with the main goal of improving the social, heath and economic stability for the residents of our country. We have reserved from our budget about 1.5 Billion to 2 Billion MMK as the annual donation to carry out the activities for the CSR programmes of Grand Royal Group.  Under our “Clean Water Project”, the concept is to enable as many residents to have fresh and safe drinking water. The digging of wells and treating water are part of the campaign to enable villagers and residents to make every single clean water drop count. We have created clean water sources for more than 7,500 households and 50,000 residents in total. Additionally, with the Eye care project, to cure eye vision diseases, we have given medical treatment to more than 80,000 residents in the rural areas of Myanmar. We have received, in 2019, the CSR Excellence of the year awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM) four years (2016-2019) consistently.

In addition, Grand Royal Group has always followed one of the important rules of corporate governance, paying taxation. For 2018-2019 assessment year, we have paid more than 111 Billion MMK standing as the highest tax payers for 10 years running in Myanmar. Moreover, we have been awarded as amongst the top 5 tax payers by the President.

“Clean Water Project” of Grand Royal Group has been successfully implemented since 2016 in Yangon, Mandalay and Ayeyarwaddy as the prioritized regions in Kawhmu, Thasi, Meikhtila, Kyaukpadaung Districts, Pathein, Pantanaw and Maubin Township. For now, our “Clean Water Project” which has been implemented in 2018-2019 fiscal year has been a positive engagement with the local residential population. The current project has been commenced since June 2019 implementing in Nannwin Hkone Village in Oak Pho Township, Ohn Taw Village in Kyo Pin Kouk Township and Kayin Kyaung Village in Taungoo Township of the Bago Regions where the inhabitants have been experiencing a water crisis situation for years. Currently, this project has brought clean, safe and fresh drinking water to 1,363 households and 5,374 residents. Moreover, as the next step of “Clean Water Project” for the year 2020, we are now carrying out the survey to implement in Magway Regions who are currently suffering from a water crisis.

“We have spent 40 million Kyats for this project to build 3 water purification buildings, 3 water filter system machines and 3 water collecting pools. This project has already garnered positive feedback and results since November 2019 although the hand-over ceremony was held in December 2019. The Clean Water Project was implemented for the right locations choosing the most suitable villages after conducting surveys whilr collaborating with the various government representatives”, said CSR Manager U Tint Wai.

“Our institution “Grand Royal Group” is caring for the development of people living standards and always doing our best to help. As for the activities of our CSR work plans, we have been working for eye care, clean water supply, building schools, and supporting the Hantharwaddy United FC for the countrywide sport, in addition with the further supports, donations in disaster areas and we hope to continue to work hard to create a brighter future for the people of Myanmar in line with our corporate motto “Being A Good Corporate Citizen” said the Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group, U Aung Moe Kyaw.

“Every summer, we experience difficulty in accesspng Clean and safe drinking water in our village. As drinking water is not clean enough and the villagers are struggling with their incomes as well, there are many sufferings in good health due to the lack of clean drinking water. Moreover, in our region, we cultivate as our own for our living and as the result, it is also difficult to access clean drinking water for cow and buffalo too. And our villagers have to dig a pond of our own in the village monastery to solve the problem for accessing drinking water. Although we are drinking that water, it is not healthy for villagers as the water is not clean enough. The villages have no other options and we only have to drink that water. But now, we the whole villagers can get access to clean and healthy water” said U Moe Kyaw, a local person from Bamagone Village, Kyo Pin Kuok Township in Bago Region.


GRG has been in the market for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a reputable and credible organisation that always complies with the governmental guidelines, rules, regulations in the area of tax assessment, labour laws and environmental rules. We have also been honoured with various international awards in Human Resource Management where we care for our staff, customers and most importantly the people of our country Myanmar. We believe that the most important thing to be a success in business is responsibility and accountability.
Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd (GRG) was listed as one of the top 5 biggest tax payers for 2018- 2019 assessment year. We recognize that the government of Myanmar needs to grow their tax revenue which is one of the country’s primary source of income and this in turn affects the economic growth of the country. The tax revenue collected will impact our peoples’ lives and the future of the country’s infrastructural development. The importance of giving back to society through the proper payment of taxes is a key foundation of our company’s creed.
GRG is also listed as
1. top 3 in Specific Goods Tax,
2. top 4 in Income Tax and
3. Top 5 in Commercial Tax segments as mentioned by the local government.

U Aung Moe Kyaw, Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group stated “The payment of proper tax to the government is one of the most important part of corporate responsibility that we take very seriously. Moreover, I notice that some international beverages companies and most local alcohol companies were listed as top 10 SGT tax payers for this year. I believe that our Specific Goods Tax and their system are the most suitable and reliable and which is a key thing to attract future FDI/ investments. An example of attracting foreign investment can be seen by the success of companies like Grand Royal Group and Seagram which has attracted international companies like Thai Bev to invest here. Therefore, I believe that new foreign investment will happen very soon in our Myanmar market due to the attractiveness of our current Taxation system, which is in the correct direction.” The local industry players in Myanmar has over the year improved in their product deliveries to the point that we have received international recognition and praise. With this improvement the quality of local products are now on par with many international imports thus strengthening our product based in the international scene. Therefore, GRG wants to see a “Level Playing Field” for all investors under the same umbrella where all products are legal and properly taxed.
Specific Goods Tax has various tiering system and it mostly covers all kind of alcohol products which are manufactured and traded in Myanmar. When we combine all tiers in the Specific Goods Tax, the grey market will become widen their scope and outreach and it is unfair for the investors and local players in Myanmar. “The situation in the country is such that there is a large portion of the potential revenue being lost by various businesses that circumvent the current tax laws and create potential issues with poor quality products in the market. This “Grey-market” is not only a revenue loss for the government, but also a potential danger to unwary customers who purchase products that are counterfeit or illegally brought in without proper FDA clearance.” Said Mr Sanjay Gupta, CEO of GRG.
GRG has always maintained a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which we believe will contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. To date, we have outreached more than 40,000 people and 6,000 households for our Clean water project. This is an ongoing project and we continue to provide wells and clean drinking water to residents in outlaying regions in Myanmar to give clean, hygienic and safe water for their use and consumption.

Additionally, we have also treated more than 80,000 people for various eye problems under our Eye treatment project, where we have provide the medical evaluation and treatment plus the gifting of optical lenses to the residents of Myanmar. We have been honoured with the 2019 CSR Excellence Recognition Certificates for 4 consecutive years by the American Chambers of Commerce, Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar).
The Grand Royal Whisky is the ranked as 41th largest spirit brand in the International Wine and spirit Research (IWSR) real 100, 2017 and listed as 38th among the top 100 fastest – growing spirits brands for the first-year half 2019 in the IWSR drink market analysis. This is a wonderful accolade for a made-in-Myanmar brand to achieve such a high ranking in the world standing in our short time-span.
In the Human Capital sphere, we have been honoured with a “great place to work” certification for 2019-2020. This is the gold standard for defining great workplaces across 10,000 organisations from over 60 countries. Our aim is to build a High-trust, High performance culture for the workers of Myanmar. In addition we have also won for the Myanmar 2019 employer awards
• Best use of internal marketing for company pride (Bronze)
• Best career advancement programme (Bronze)
• Best learning and development programme (Silver) and
• Most innovative use of technology in HR (Silver)
We have also been awarded the “Dream Employer of the year 2019” for the World HR Congress.

Grand Royal Group, the First Myanmar Company to be Recognized as A Great Workplace by International Accreditation Body

The Great Place to Work Institute (an American based organization) has certified the Grand Royal Group (GRG) as a “A Great Workplace”. GRG is the first local Myanmar Company to be given this title. This prestigious title is conferred after a rigorous selection process. One of the main criteria is based on an employee satisfaction Survey where more than 70% of the employees must feel that the organization is a great place to work. A corporate culture survey is also conducted. In GRG’s case more that 95% of our employees responded positively and supported GRG’s commitment to the employees by make the work environment a safe, happy, satisfactory place to work where their passion and pride are recognized by organization.
GRG is an organization which manufactures beverages and we believe in giving support to our employees more than 2500 and related stakeholders. Grand Royal Group always aims to be the most admired consumer product company in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a responsible managed company that constantly strives for long- term economic and environment sustainability. Moreover, GRG always invest in the employee development programs to promote their abilities and development. For 2018- 2019, we collaborated with international and local institutes to provide the trainings for our employees and provided 92 training programs that covered over 1,896 people. GRG always intend to create a healthy and happy working life for their employees through health insurances and employee engagement programs such as Yoga class, Running class and entertainments parties.
Ma Moe Moe, Planning Manager of Grand Royal Group said “I have been working here for 15 years and I started with basic coordinator level and was promoted to management level. I am thankful to GRG for given me a lot of opportunities to upgrade in my career. There are a lot of employees like me who working here 10 years, 15 years and 20 years. The reason why people working here for so many years is the believe in our workplace that promote our lives and we are passionate while we are working with this organization.”

Ko Htet Lin Oo, Driver of GRG said “I’ve been working here for 5 years already. I believe that we’ve got a fair salary, system bonus, other benefits and activities like other office staffs. Moreover, GRG give many trainings opportunities to our drivers such as safety training, English classes and personal contact training. I feel that I have a lot of opportunities and fair benefits whether it is office staff or driver.”
GRG strongly believes that Human Capital Investment is a key pillar which should be given support for our sustainability development. GRG has also been hornoured with “Best Employer Award 2017 and Dream Employer Award 2017” by World HRD Congress for 2017. In addition, GRG was hornored again for “Dream Employer Award 2019” by World HRD Congress 2019 and certified for “A Great Workplace” by “The Great Place to Work Institute”. In essence, GRG take always pride in being a reputable and creditable organization that cares for our consumers, employees and the people of our country in Myanmar.

Grand Royal Group, the First Myanmar Company to be Recognized as A Great Workplace by International Accreditation Body Myanmar Version

Myanmar Distillery Co.,Ltd Name Change to Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd

Myanmar Distillery Co., Ltd, a leader in the Myanmar whisky market announced that the company will begin operating under a new name will be officially known as “Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd”. “The renaming strategy is aimed at strengthening our Corporate identity and to ensure that our stakeholders are served better under one common name” said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd. “We also believe that the change will enable us to leverage on our commitments towards environmental sustainability and public service commitment.” The organization ownership, investments, shareholders and staff arrangements remain status quo.
Grand Royal has been in the market for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a responsible and creditable organization that cares for our consumers, employees and the people of our country Myanmar. We have been focusing on our customers since our founding and maintaining our strict standards by producing the best high-quality products for our consumers. Our products, Grand Royal Black, Grand Royal Special Reserve, Signature and Smooth are honoured by more than 70 international awards.
The name changes and new logo are part of our evolving strategy to strengthen our corporate identity and to ensure that there is closer linkage of our Corporate identity with a much loved and trusted brand – Grand Royal. The Grand Royal Whisky is ranked as the 41th largest whisky brand in the International Wine and Spirit Research (IWSR) real 100 in 2017 and listed as 38th among the top 100 fastest – growing spirits brands for the first half of 2019 in the IWSR drink market analysis. This change therefore will strengthen and reinforce the GRG Corporate Image and the strong Grand Royal Brand which is born in Myanmar, trusted and respected by the world.

This will also be reflected in our increased Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, which target both social and economic help to disadvantaged Myanmar people in the more remote regions of the country. The CSR initiatives that we have provided has helped thousands and we intend to make sure our programmes remain effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable over a long period of time to help the people of Myanmar.
Our mission will not change, and we aim to become one of the most admired consumer products companies in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a socially responsible and good governance company that constantly striving for long-term sustainability. Moreover, we will also work on our international sustainability goals in order to be a responsible business. Currently, we were just certified as “A Great Place to Work” by Great Place to Work Institute. We have just released the Whistleblowing Policy and Anti Sexual Harassment Policy which are designed for a safe and enjoyable working environment. Every year, our waste water treatment plant and 120 million recycle bottles are reused to reduce our environmental footprint and accelerate our CSR activities.

Myanmar Distillery Co.,Ltd Name Change to Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd Myanmar Version