The Message from Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd

April 2, 2020

Dear Customers, staff of GRGI (Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd) and the people of Myanmar

The Coronavirus (the virus that causes Covid-19 disease) is a fast spreading virus that has the ability to expand rapidly within communities. If we follow the directives and announcements of our leaders and Ministry of Health and Sports calmly without any nervousness, we could prevent the spread of this virus.

We think it is important that we share with you some of the steps we have taken to ensure that our customers and employees stay safe while preparing ourselves to serve our customers to the maximum extent possible during the disruptions that this virus may bring about.

The Covid-19 situation is still evolving and we are living in uncertain times. However, be rest assured that we at GRG will make decisions and act quickly as we gain new facts about the situation. We are following the Ministry of Health guidelines, directives and advice. Most importantly we are also protecting the safety of our team, staff, delivery partners, suppliers and our community at large.

We will meet these challenges by uniting the strength of our people with the strength of the nation, we would like to reassure you of a few things:
1) We have enacted tough and firm safety protocols throughout our workspace and factories.
2) All our staff, supplies and suppliers are checked before coming to our production lines and we have implemented strict protocols to protect the workspace.
3) Levels of hygiene are at its highest and we will not rest till everything is cleaned.
4) All our staff are checked every day for any signs of illness and precautions are put in place should anyone contract the virus.

5) We make sure that our products are not affected by the virus and are safe to handle and consume.
6) We will keep on our fullest alert 24/7 just for you.

We want to inspire you to move on with life and to make sure that you do everything to keep safe and to enjoy our products with confidence. To encourage members of the general public to remain safe, we have initiated programs to distribute free of cost hand sanitisers to key public bodies which are in the front line of this battle against the virus. We are gearing up to distribute nearly 200,000 bottles of sanitisers to protect the people of Myanmar.

We, Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd and the shareholders, will continue to keep doing our best for you, the people of Myanmar by following the directives and announcements of our leaders and the Ministry of Health and Sports. Whether you are social distancing, in self-isolation or just trying to act responsibly, please remember to continue being your best self, stay connected, stay safe and act with kindness all the time.

Thank you in believing in us.
Co-Chairman GRGI