December 20, 2019

GRG has been in the market for over 2 decades since 1995. We take pride in being a reputable and credible organisation that always complies with the governmental guidelines, rules, regulations in the area of tax assessment, labour laws and environmental rules. We have also been honoured with various international awards in Human Resource Management where we care for our staff, customers and most importantly the people of our country Myanmar. We believe that the most important thing to be a success in business is responsibility and accountability.
Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd (GRG) was listed as one of the top 5 biggest tax payers for 2018- 2019 assessment year. We recognize that the government of Myanmar needs to grow their tax revenue which is one of the country’s primary source of income and this in turn affects the economic growth of the country. The tax revenue collected will impact our peoples’ lives and the future of the country’s infrastructural development. The importance of giving back to society through the proper payment of taxes is a key foundation of our company’s creed.
GRG is also listed as
1. top 3 in Specific Goods Tax,
2. top 4 in Income Tax and
3. Top 5 in Commercial Tax segments as mentioned by the local government.

U Aung Moe Kyaw, Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group stated “The payment of proper tax to the government is one of the most important part of corporate responsibility that we take very seriously. Moreover, I notice that some international beverages companies and most local alcohol companies were listed as top 10 SGT tax payers for this year. I believe that our Specific Goods Tax and their system are the most suitable and reliable and which is a key thing to attract future FDI/ investments. An example of attracting foreign investment can be seen by the success of companies like Grand Royal Group and Seagram which has attracted international companies like Thai Bev to invest here. Therefore, I believe that new foreign investment will happen very soon in our Myanmar market due to the attractiveness of our current Taxation system, which is in the correct direction.” The local industry players in Myanmar has over the year improved in their product deliveries to the point that we have received international recognition and praise. With this improvement the quality of local products are now on par with many international imports thus strengthening our product based in the international scene. Therefore, GRG wants to see a “Level Playing Field” for all investors under the same umbrella where all products are legal and properly taxed.
Specific Goods Tax has various tiering system and it mostly covers all kind of alcohol products which are manufactured and traded in Myanmar. When we combine all tiers in the Specific Goods Tax, the grey market will become widen their scope and outreach and it is unfair for the investors and local players in Myanmar. “The situation in the country is such that there is a large portion of the potential revenue being lost by various businesses that circumvent the current tax laws and create potential issues with poor quality products in the market. This “Grey-market” is not only a revenue loss for the government, but also a potential danger to unwary customers who purchase products that are counterfeit or illegally brought in without proper FDA clearance.” Said Mr Sanjay Gupta, CEO of GRG.
GRG has always maintained a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which we believe will contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders. To date, we have outreached more than 40,000 people and 6,000 households for our Clean water project. This is an ongoing project and we continue to provide wells and clean drinking water to residents in outlaying regions in Myanmar to give clean, hygienic and safe water for their use and consumption.

Additionally, we have also treated more than 80,000 people for various eye problems under our Eye treatment project, where we have provide the medical evaluation and treatment plus the gifting of optical lenses to the residents of Myanmar. We have been honoured with the 2019 CSR Excellence Recognition Certificates for 4 consecutive years by the American Chambers of Commerce, Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar).
The Grand Royal Whisky is the ranked as 41th largest spirit brand in the International Wine and spirit Research (IWSR) real 100, 2017 and listed as 38th among the top 100 fastest – growing spirits brands for the first-year half 2019 in the IWSR drink market analysis. This is a wonderful accolade for a made-in-Myanmar brand to achieve such a high ranking in the world standing in our short time-span.
In the Human Capital sphere, we have been honoured with a “great place to work” certification for 2019-2020. This is the gold standard for defining great workplaces across 10,000 organisations from over 60 countries. Our aim is to build a High-trust, High performance culture for the workers of Myanmar. In addition we have also won for the Myanmar 2019 employer awards
• Best use of internal marketing for company pride (Bronze)
• Best career advancement programme (Bronze)
• Best learning and development programme (Silver) and
• Most innovative use of technology in HR (Silver)
We have also been awarded the “Dream Employer of the year 2019” for the World HR Congress.