Grand Royal Group International donates 500 Million MMK worth of Hand Sanitizer units

April 2, 2020

In these troubling times, the Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) and its shareholders, under the stewardship of its Co-Chairman U Aung Moe Kyaw has stepped forward to donate 500 million MMK worth of hand sanitizer units to various institutions in Myanmar that urgently need the use of these disinfecting liquids.

“We need to stand together as a nation to combat this virus that is ravaging our land and the world. Myanmar needs to show the world that we are confident in defeating this COVID-19 situation so that we can move forward again as a Nation. As a show of support towards the people of Myanmar, we are donating over 200,000 bottles of hand sanitizers to various organisations that need them urgently to help stop the spread of COVID-19.” Said, U Aung Moe Kyaw, Co-Chairman of GRGI.

“We mobilised with full capabilities within weeks of hearing of the outbreak to produce 200,000 hand sanitizers and to get them out to the various institutions as soon as possible. Our distribution outlets and partners helped us to spread out the load and get them as soon as possible into the hands of the people in need, quickly and efficiently”, said Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CEO of GRGI.

The hand sanitizer formula was approved by the FDA and the Ministry of Health sport, and once we received the “green-light”, production steamrolled forward, and we managed to get the first batch out within 2-3 weeks. Through this initiative, GRGI shows our solidarity with the people of Myanmar.

The list of the institutions that received the hand sanitizer units are listed in the attachments. The hand sanitizers are packed in 500ml bottles with 19 bottles in one carton box. The name that we have bottled it under is called “Naing Ngan Thar Gaung” meaning good corporate citizen.

In accordance with our group’s commitment of being a good corporate citizen, with our capabilities, we will always be there whenever the country and our citizens need the support.”, said Co-Chairman U Aung Moe Kyaw.