Grand Royal Group announces the completion of another successful Clean-water project in the Bago Region of Myanmar

January 3, 2020

As a pillar of Grand Royal Group’s corporate social responsibility, “Being A Good Corporate Citizen” is always a priority in our business environment. We have implemented our CSR activities with the main goal of improving the social, heath and economic stability for the residents of our country. We have reserved from our budget about 1.5 Billion to 2 Billion MMK as the annual donation to carry out the activities for the CSR programmes of Grand Royal Group.  Under our “Clean Water Project”, the concept is to enable as many residents to have fresh and safe drinking water. The digging of wells and treating water are part of the campaign to enable villagers and residents to make every single clean water drop count. We have created clean water sources for more than 7,500 households and 50,000 residents in total. Additionally, with the Eye care project, to cure eye vision diseases, we have given medical treatment to more than 80,000 residents in the rural areas of Myanmar. We have received, in 2019, the CSR Excellence of the year awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM) four years (2016-2019) consistently.

In addition, Grand Royal Group has always followed one of the important rules of corporate governance, paying taxation. For 2018-2019 assessment year, we have paid more than 111 Billion MMK standing as the highest tax payers for 10 years running in Myanmar. Moreover, we have been awarded as amongst the top 5 tax payers by the President.

“Clean Water Project” of Grand Royal Group has been successfully implemented since 2016 in Yangon, Mandalay and Ayeyarwaddy as the prioritized regions in Kawhmu, Thasi, Meikhtila, Kyaukpadaung Districts, Pathein, Pantanaw and Maubin Township. For now, our “Clean Water Project” which has been implemented in 2018-2019 fiscal year has been a positive engagement with the local residential population. The current project has been commenced since June 2019 implementing in Nannwin Hkone Village in Oak Pho Township, Ohn Taw Village in Kyo Pin Kouk Township and Kayin Kyaung Village in Taungoo Township of the Bago Regions where the inhabitants have been experiencing a water crisis situation for years. Currently, this project has brought clean, safe and fresh drinking water to 1,363 households and 5,374 residents. Moreover, as the next step of “Clean Water Project” for the year 2020, we are now carrying out the survey to implement in Magway Regions who are currently suffering from a water crisis.

“We have spent 40 million Kyats for this project to build 3 water purification buildings, 3 water filter system machines and 3 water collecting pools. This project has already garnered positive feedback and results since November 2019 although the hand-over ceremony was held in December 2019. The Clean Water Project was implemented for the right locations choosing the most suitable villages after conducting surveys whilr collaborating with the various government representatives”, said CSR Manager U Tint Wai.

“Our institution “Grand Royal Group” is caring for the development of people living standards and always doing our best to help. As for the activities of our CSR work plans, we have been working for eye care, clean water supply, building schools, and supporting the Hantharwaddy United FC for the countrywide sport, in addition with the further supports, donations in disaster areas and we hope to continue to work hard to create a brighter future for the people of Myanmar in line with our corporate motto “Being A Good Corporate Citizen” said the Co-Chairman of Grand Royal Group, U Aung Moe Kyaw.

“Every summer, we experience difficulty in accesspng Clean and safe drinking water in our village. As drinking water is not clean enough and the villagers are struggling with their incomes as well, there are many sufferings in good health due to the lack of clean drinking water. Moreover, in our region, we cultivate as our own for our living and as the result, it is also difficult to access clean drinking water for cow and buffalo too. And our villagers have to dig a pond of our own in the village monastery to solve the problem for accessing drinking water. Although we are drinking that water, it is not healthy for villagers as the water is not clean enough. The villages have no other options and we only have to drink that water. But now, we the whole villagers can get access to clean and healthy water” said U Moe Kyaw, a local person from Bamagone Village, Kyo Pin Kuok Township in Bago Region.