Ma Nandar Hnin

Ma Nandar Hnin joined Grand Royal as Purchasing Assistant (Marketing Supplied) in 2002. When she joined Grand Royal Group was just formed and it was a smaller group of companies with the aim to grow in the market. All members (HOD, Manager, Seniors, etc.) supported each other in tasks and responsibilities. Because of Ma Nadar Hnin’s passion for work, her seniors promoted her from Level – 8 to Level – 7 (Purchasing Assistant) within one year since she joined. She spent her weekends by going to the factories and learning skills needed in order to be ready for her promotion.

She also balanced the prices of materials and equipment between her GR colleagues and the suppliers. After 3 years working as a Level 7 Procurement assistant, her supervisors promoted her again to Level-6 Assistant Manager. She lasted only 6 months in that position and then got promoted again to Level-5. She was just 23 years old at that time and she faced many challenges at work, but she was able to overcome that with her hard work and passion in her responsibilities.

She overcame those challenges with her own strength and by getting help from other colleagues. Since then, she has been recognized and awarded three times, Best Employee Award and Long Service Award. She brings a lot of value to our company by reducing cost because of a Recycle Bottle Project.

She also was promoted as Administration Officer (Level-4) in one of Grand Royal branches, TOSC Co.Ltd. The challenges ahead are part of her next career steps. She participated in a group project in the Innovation Program and received the first prize. Her group was awarded a success trip to the Polar Bali Island.

Not only does she learn and improve her skills, she always contributes by sharing her knowledge. Ma Nandar Hnin is not just a self-learner, she’s the best team player.