Ma Khin Phyu Phyu Tin

“I joined Grand Royal Group as Junior Accountant and try my best to become a Senior Accountant step by step. Now it has been 9 years since I joined this organization. At first, I realized that it seemed different from what I had learned to how it’s applied in real life as an accountant. I work hard, try my best and take my supervisor’s guidance.”

This was my first job and it has become more systematic because I now use the new ERP system. Thanks to the company training and support throughout my career, I now have become an important part in this organization. I complete my tasks and responsibilities regularly, I comply with my supervisors guidance and give my role all my best efforts, that’s why I received Best Employee Award for 2014-2015.

Every year when it’s time for the company to make salary adjustments, I get a raise. Also, I was awarded a gold medal for my long term service. Not only do I keep learning to develop my skills and knowledge, but I also support and contribute what I learned with my colleagues. I will keep trying, choosing and doing the right thing, not only for myself but also for my organization.”