Grand Royal Group, the First Myanmar Company to be Recognized as A Great Workplace by International Accreditation Body

November 15, 2019

The Great Place to Work Institute (an American based organization) has certified the Grand Royal Group (GRG) as a “A Great Workplace”. GRG is the first local Myanmar Company to be given this title. This prestigious title is conferred after a rigorous selection process. One of the main criteria is based on an employee satisfaction Survey where more than 70% of the employees must feel that the organization is a great place to work. A corporate culture survey is also conducted. In GRG’s case more that 95% of our employees responded positively and supported GRG’s commitment to the employees by make the work environment a safe, happy, satisfactory place to work where their passion and pride are recognized by organization.
GRG is an organization which manufactures beverages and we believe in giving support to our employees more than 2500 and related stakeholders. Grand Royal Group always aims to be the most admired consumer product company in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a responsible managed company that constantly strives for long- term economic and environment sustainability. Moreover, GRG always invest in the employee development programs to promote their abilities and development. For 2018- 2019, we collaborated with international and local institutes to provide the trainings for our employees and provided 92 training programs that covered over 1,896 people. GRG always intend to create a healthy and happy working life for their employees through health insurances and employee engagement programs such as Yoga class, Running class and entertainments parties.
Ma Moe Moe, Planning Manager of Grand Royal Group said “I have been working here for 15 years and I started with basic coordinator level and was promoted to management level. I am thankful to GRG for given me a lot of opportunities to upgrade in my career. There are a lot of employees like me who working here 10 years, 15 years and 20 years. The reason why people working here for so many years is the believe in our workplace that promote our lives and we are passionate while we are working with this organization.”

Ko Htet Lin Oo, Driver of GRG said “I’ve been working here for 5 years already. I believe that we’ve got a fair salary, system bonus, other benefits and activities like other office staffs. Moreover, GRG give many trainings opportunities to our drivers such as safety training, English classes and personal contact training. I feel that I have a lot of opportunities and fair benefits whether it is office staff or driver.”
GRG strongly believes that Human Capital Investment is a key pillar which should be given support for our sustainability development. GRG has also been hornoured with “Best Employer Award 2017 and Dream Employer Award 2017” by World HRD Congress for 2017. In addition, GRG was hornored again for “Dream Employer Award 2019” by World HRD Congress 2019 and certified for “A Great Workplace” by “The Great Place to Work Institute”. In essence, GRG take always pride in being a reputable and creditable organization that cares for our consumers, employees and the people of our country in Myanmar.

Grand Royal Group, the First Myanmar Company to be Recognized as A Great Workplace by International Accreditation Body Myanmar Version