2019 CSR Campaign Report

Grand Royal Group International’s CSR Programs

  • Environment  : Waste Treatment & Control
  • Health Care  : Clean Water Project, Community Clinic
  • Sport  : Hantharwaddy United Football Club

Our People
Our Product
Our Environment

These three priorities guide our actions and passions.

Elevating Lives with Heart & Responsibility


To become one of the most admired consumer products companies in Myanmar, by focusing on innovation to meet consumer needs, whilst being a social responsible and good governance company that constantly strive for long-term sustainability.


Grand Royal Group International always intended to rise the lifestyle of the people who live in Myanmar through our Clean Water Project, Health Care, Sport and environment in line with our motto “Being A Good Corporate Citizen”.

Clean Water Project

Grand Royal Group International has launched “Clean Water Project” since 2016. Under this project, the concept is to enable as many residents to have fresh and safe drinking water. The digging wells and treating water are part of the campaign to enable villagers and residents to make every single clean water drop count. We have created clean water sources for more than 7,500 households and 50,000 residents in total.


Created water sources

7,500 Households

50,000 Residents

Bago Regions Project

Grand Royal Group International provided water 3 water storage tanks, 3 water treatment plants, 3 buildings and technologies to benefit the residents of the region. This project has covered for 1,363 households and 5,373 villagers. We spent over 30 Million Kyats in the urgently needed water shortage areas for Clean Water in Bago Regions. Grand Royal Group International celebrated during a turn over ceremony to the communities on 23 December 2019. This project focused on areas that require immediate and proper attention to provide and potable water to the residents.

  • Nannwin Hkone Village, Oak Pho Township, Bago
  • Ohn Taw Village, Kyoe Pin Kouk Township
  • Kayin Kyaung Village, Taungoo Township.

Heart of GRGI Campaign

In the Help Myanmar campaign, Grand Royal Group International donated 40 million Kyats worth of foods and relief supplies to the flood disasters effected residents both of Mon state and Kayin state.
Grand Royal Group International went to the flooded villages by boat and donated the stuffs directly to their homes.
Grand Royal Group International is very sensitive to the needs of the environment and contributing to the development of the community.

Tax Appreciation for 2018-2019 Assessment Year

The Internal Revenue Department (IRD), Ministry of Planning and Finance announced the top lists of Tax Contribution to the Government for 2018-2019 Assessment Year. Grand Royal Group International Co., Ltd was listed as follow;

1. No 3 in Specific Goods Taxpayer

2. No 6 in Commercial TaxpayerAs International Beverages Trading Co., Ltd (IBTC), the member of GRGI;

3. No 3 in Commercial Taxpayer

4. No 5 in Income Taxpayer.

Grand Royal Group International Co.,Ltd is very proud to be recognized every Assessment Year as No 1 to 5 the highest top taxpayer in Myanmar and as a responsible group of companies in line with our corporate motto ‘Being A Good Corporate Citizen’.

Economic Development Sector

In order to take part in Myanmar Economic Development, Grand Royal Group International was honored to support UMFCCI Centennial Celebration as a Gold Sponsor on 22nd Nov 2019.

AMCHAM CSR Recognition Awards 2019

The American Chamber of Commerce in Myanmar (AMCHAM Myanmar) honored the Grand Royal Group International among the Top Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs in 2019. We, the Grand Royal Group International was given this AMCHAM CSR Excellence award in 2016, 2017 and 2018 consecutive years as well. This is truly an honor for our organizations in line with our motto “Being a good corporate citizen, with our capabilities, we will always be there whenever the country and our citizens need the support.

About this Report

This report highlights some of the key initiatives of our Corporate Social Responsibility program during  2019. It is intended to provide an overview of our commitment to our CSR programs for our investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

More information of CSR effort and about the Grand Royal Group International can be found at www.grandroyal-group.com


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