2016 CSR Campaign Report

2016 CSR Programs

The vision of the Grand Royal Group International, is to be internationally recognised as an outstanding Myanmar company and a respected leader in the branded bottled spirit industry. Our passions are for our people, our product and for our environment. These three priorities guide our actions.

Elevating Lives With Heart & Responsibility

“Being A Good Corporate Citizen”

Our People
Our Product
Our Environment

These three priorities guide our actions.

Grand Royal Group International was founded in 1995 with fifty employees and quickly established a reputation for providing consumers with exceptional products and service. Throughout the subsequent twenty-one years, we have striven to create and maintain quality products and brands, to demonstrate a responsible approach to business and to ensure that we remain one of the most respectable companies in Myanmar. We are now the market leader, creating over 2,000 jobs and making a major contributor to Myanmar’s economy.

We are committed to employing, wherever possible, locally and ensuring our workforce are treated fairly and supportively. We are fully compliant with government rules and regulations on labour laws and employee rights and seek to give our staff a rewarding work experience which we monitor and enhance through our employee satisfaction survey.

The Grand Royal Group International










Mr. Sanjay Gupta


“I believe that not only as individuals but also as a corporation we have the obligation to add value to society that makes our existence possible. Striking a balance between looking after the development of our employees, the interests of our shareholders while minimizing our social impact and reaching out in meaningful ways to disadvantaged sections of society is key. We would like to foster a transparent and law abiding Corporate culture and our payment of approximately 70 Billion MMK ( Special Goods taxes + Commercial taxes) over 2016-17 reflects our commitment to do the right thing. We would like to believe that we are taking leadership in critical issues like environmental protection and our Environmental Management Certification ISO 14001:2004 reflects our commitment to reducing our environmental impact through proper waste water handling.

Myanmar, while rich in natural resources and human potential, suffers from lack of infrastructure and access to medical facilities in many areas. The Grand Royal Group International has been working in targeted areas to provide rural communities with free eye treatment and restore eye sight while providing piped water infrastructure in others.

Flood Disaster

For the flood disaster 2016, we donate again for their foods, clothing and medicines at Ayeyarwady, Sagaing and Magway Regions. Our donation covered to these regions’ reliefs and could helped together with government for the rehabilitation of their live.

Flood Assistance

Grand Royal Group International working together with Ministry of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, with the combined effort from community service volunteers and famous entertainers were able to successfully build water pumps in several townships in Mandalay. Tharsi township is just the beginning for Grand Royal Group International, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program, they will continue to work with the community to improve the lives of people in Myanmar and help where people need it most.

Outstanding Corporate
Social Responsibility

On November 21st, Grand Royal Group International received a Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility in Myanmar during an event held by The American Chamber of Commerce In Yangon. The ceremony was honored by American Ambassador and other members of American Chamber of Commerce.

Grand Royal Group International was rewarded for its transparency, good governance and sustainable business practices which reflects the best business traditions and will serve as a model for others companies to follow. Grand Royal Group International executives shared their vision and CSR activities from 2008 to 2015. These experiences included treating over 70,000 patients who suffered the eye injuries and now in 2016, Grand Royal Group International is currently donating wells to several townships in Yangon and Mandalay which suffer water shortages.

About this Report

This report highlights many of the key initiatives of our Corporate Social Responsibility program during our 2016 fiscal year. It is intended to provide an overview of our commitment to our CSR program for our investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholder groups.