2022 CSR Yearly Report

Grand Royal Group International’s CSR Programs

Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) has always been maintaining a high level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which will contribute to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits to all stakeholders, staff, customers and most importantly the people of Myanmar in line with their motto “Being A Good Corporate Citizen”.

Create and Celebrate Happiness Together.

Our Vision

Create and celebrate happiness together through the innovative spirits in Myanmar, to drive sustainable growth for all the stakeholders.

“Life Skills for Youth Program”

In line with one of the major elements of GRGI’s ‘Core Values’ “Care for Stakeholders”, Grand Royal Group International (GRGI)provided “Life Skills for Youth” online training programs, which are not covered in the traditional education and emphasized the topics of “Communications and Networking Skills, Self-confidence Building, Emotional Quotient, Team Building, Teamwork and Leadership skills” for the pre-teens and teenager children of our internal employees as a CSR initiative program and a total of 3 batches with the participants of 140 teenage children between the ages of 13-18 years in the months of January, May and October 2022 through (3) batches.

The objectives of providing this training are:

◊      To understand life has a lot of unexpected things that could happen and be prepared for this,

◊      To realize that there are many more goals to explore in life and find out their future and

◊      To have the right mindset, attitude and skillset teenagers should have, then to be a decent professional in their future.

GRGI’s Pilot CSR Project under UNLOCK’s Partnership for Goals and PASSION TO WIN 2025

Proudly being a part of ThaiBev’s Transformation project under PASSION TO WIN 2025, since October 2022, GRGI has started implementing a pilot CSR project under UNLOCK’s Partnership for Goals; “Solar Energy Irrigation for Local Farmers” who grow spring paddy at ‘San Phel’, which is the model village in the eastern part of Bago Region in Myanmar. After the project of “Solar Energy Irrigation for Local Farmers” is completed in December 2022, it can provide farmers who grow and produce rice from which GRGI could purchase broken rice, the primary raw materials in manufacturing our products. The local farmers can solve the lack of water through this project, especially during the coming summer season ending in May 2023 because the farmers couldn’t afford the cost to have access to electricity using gasoline.

The company has facilitated the followings on this project:

  • Project areas inspection
  • Site cleaning and excavating canals
  • Pump house building
  • Ground solar mounting structure and racking system concrete base
  • Concrete water Strainer tanks building
  • Underground solar cables and water pipelines installations
  • (13.2) KW Solar (24) panels
  • Project areas fencing

The 26th Anniversary Donation of Grand Royal Group International on 1st April 2022

In commemoration of our company 26th anniversary, Grand Royal Group International (GRIG) made donations on basic food stuff consisting of 13 items and 2 packs of 25 kg rice which altogether is worth a total of 100,000 MMK per household surrounding our operation area, with 932 households for Yangon and 126 households for the Mandalay in Myanmar, also donated to the monasteries  and churches in Yangon and Mandalay.

Health Care: COVID-19 2nd Booster and Influenza Vaccinations for Employees

GRGI is always taking care the well-being of our employees including Flat Rates, Daily Wages, PGs, Suppliers, Distributors and their family members as well and is actively trying to improve health care for its stakeholders. The company provided Booster Doses of COVAXINE and COVISHIELD for two-time Booster Doses to staff in January and May 2022 and VAXIGRIP TETRA for Influenza Vaccination Dose to its employees in May 2022.

Relief Support for Employees including Flat Rate, DW, PGs

In January and October 2022, GRGI provided food boxes consisting essential items of basic food stuff and packs of 25 kg rice which altogether is worth in total of 100,000 MMK to 150,000 MMK per household for its internal permanent employees across the organization.

Once again, in October 2022 along with the seasonal Myanmar Thadingyut Lightning Festival, GRGI donated food boxes which is worth in total of 150,000 kyats per box to the communities, who are mainly blue-collar workers, around 3,000 households living nearby sales branch offices throughout Myanmar and its internal permanent employees including Flat Rate, Daily Wages and Promotion Girls and Boys as well.

Distillery Plant Donations activities on Monthly and Weekly Basis

As regular CSR initiative for the stakeholders, GRGI, Yangon and Mandalay Manufacturing Teams are always supporting the local communities who live in the vicinity of distilleries mainly in religious, education, healthcare matters and other social sectors on weekly and monthly basis.

Congratulations to Hanthawaddy United FC (HUFC)

Hanthawaddy United Football Club (HUFC) ranked 3rd place at the league table with 34 points and won “Second Runner Up Award” in the football tournament of Myanmar National League (MNL) 2022.

Grand Royal Group International (GRGI) established Hanthawaddy United Football Club (HUFC) which represents Bago region in Myanmar as a founding member of the Myanmar National League since 2009 along with the purpose of people have access and a wider range of opportunities to participate in sport within their local community.

About this Report

This report highlights some of the key initiatives of our Corporate Social Responsibility programs during 2022. It is intended to provide an

overview of our commitment to our CSR programs for our investors, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

More information of CSR initiatives and about the Grand Royal Group International can be found at http://www.grandroyal-group.com.